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Commitment Statement

We strive to build our business on satisfied customers. Our main priority is to maintain an accurately graded and fairly priced selection of advanced collector and investor quality rare coin inventory including hundreds of gold coins and thousands of rare copper and silver coins and currency. You can benefit from the guidance from our seasoned professionals extensive current market awareness and 60 years combined full time numismatic experience. Most of the rarest inventory is kept in the safe deposit box or visit our inventory page to view them on our site. Most beginner and mid-price level coins are kept in the shop.

Our History

Our owner W. Scott Standafer started collecting coins in 1967 when his grandmother gave him her small coin collection and he started adding to it. After a few years of making a part time income from coins as teenager he decided to make rare coins his full-time exclusive career in the height of the boom market of 1980. When the 1980 market crashed it was the survival instincts he acquired from his father and his lifelong passion of rare coins that helped him endure and he has never had another main source of income other than rare coins. In the beginning, Scott found his knowledge of coins was his best talent. The wholesale market suited him best in the beginning because often the toughest competition in the retail market isn't as real numismatists as they are salesmen. Scott has served the Carolinas for many years under the name American Rare Coin gradually there have become over 50 rare coin businesses across the country using "American" in their name. This caused much confusion with our national customer base, therefore we have changed our name to Piedmont Rare Coins. We are the only company in the country using the name "Piedmont" whose primary business is rare coins.

Scott's mother was an artist and uncle an engineer so it came natural for him to find the technical aspects and eye appealing nature of grading the quality of rare coins an intriguing talent. Over the years he has gained a reputation as one of the top expert rare coin graders in the country. Scott has attended numerous coin and currency college courses including detection of counterfeits and is now a well-seasoned nationally known professional numismatist with over 30 consecutive years of full- time rare coin experience. You will be pleased with the results of letting his vast wealth of experience, knowledge, current market awareness, and national exposure go to work assisting you in achieving your collecting, investment, or liquidation goals. You may contact Scott directly at 704-968-7105 .